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Epic Poem

Photo by Mike Von on Unsplash

eye off elsewhere
— exchanged listening —
toy talk
waves off boats
mermaids kissing
drawing in sunsets
off treasure island
prince or pirate
genie out the bottle
giant with tricks
and broken heart,
beans in charge
of growing.

hands in the sand
water flowing freely
rolling off the arm
— off a cliff
down sleeve,
sticky again
…chewing the day up
charged the moment
— precious minerals
turned sad.

— -breaths in, on my turn,
dig finger in clay
wished childhood away
desperate to leave the room

prose poem with audio

Photo by Pan Yunbo on Unsplash

the rebellious dust fights with the pollen blown in through the open window; thinned by locals who refuse to drink quietly — why should they?

politics has done enough of that, crippled their voice for long enough, let there be an anthem breeze to set their mood - to dance out, what is to come

— glass smashed, sliced against the edges of prejudice as they smoke in front of their kids, sharing the same pint of poison without

discrimination in the open air, occupied with fume and cough and phlegm as they spit out all that is rotten and…

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Making poets out of poverty

DYSPLA Founder, Lennie Varvarides speaks on why poetry is urgently needed in areas of high deprivation

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Before you begin reading this post, let me say that I am not an Education Specialist — but I am an expert on how society and schools fail people with Learning Differences through the work I do at DYSPLA. I identify as Working Class and my 7-year-old child attends a school in an area of high deprivation. My Cypriot parents’ childhood, was also one of ‘absolute poverty’, so these themes are extremely important to me.

Charles Dickens’ much-loved novels illustrate a Victorian world where poverty and poor literacy go hand in hand, and for many, not enough has changed in the last 120 years. Victorian England will still look familiar in 2022, with child poverty predicted to rise to 5.2 million hungry children in the United Kingdom. These figures were reported by the UK Government’s Social Mobility Commission.

Being poor is still met with prejudice and disdain…

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…I hear you ask…, well, like; Agatha Christie, F. Scott Fitzgerald, W. B. Yeats, Jules Verne, John Irving, Richard Ford, George Bernard Shaw, Octavia Butler, Sally Gardner, Walter
Disney, Jeanne Betancourt, Patricia Polacco, Lynda La Plante, Victor Villasenor, Robert Benton, Steve Mcqueen, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Spike Lee to name just a few!

Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

The WHY is an endless answer to an unresolved mystery. Are Dyslexics better writers? Are they more creative? Are they more determined?

This post won’t completely answer any of those questions, but what it will do hopefully, is spark an interest in the value of being an “Outsider.”

Our world is made up of words and rules and laws and straight lines…

Angles Talk

Photo by Natalie Rhea on Unsplash

“The view belongs to you like a new perspective.”

The river is still. The fog is thick. The riverbank is velvet red. The clay is moist. The pebbles are smooth. The touch, rolls off my grip and drops. The water is cool when it speckles my skin. The twilight is tender and patent. We sit a while. They are composed. I am lucid. I wont look at them. Not in the eye. Not once. Instead I notice their arm. It is a long arm. Part flesh. Part celestial. I notice their fingernails. They are clean. Their feet. They are bare…

Poetry Prompt


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

It is small and like all small things, it goes unnoticed,
skimming the surface___ — — —
sporting a parallel in the distance

It is small and like all small things it goes unnoticed,
skimming the surface — — — —___
sporting a joke in the distance

Sporting, spotting, stroking, tail in face coking, choking

It starts with +++++a feeling which sounds like
words_ — — -
…I think I have heard, I've heard, I have heard before
concerlations <constellations, canceled conversations
small things, small…<<< smogers_— _
as long as you are not too hungry to
angree, a derivative of anger and agree,:
perfect how they…

Poetry Sunday with Audio

Free Verse

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Photo by Kevar Whilby on Unsplash
Voiced by Lennie Varvarides

There are Lovers who hold back and some that do not care for love at all
Some Lovers, for playing with and others for breaking through.

What joy there is to seek out love, for it to be had or won or given up,
to play, to change, to see how far your pride or touch will stretch,
to kiss another's flesh and youth and chance again,
and walk hand in hand, with purpose and lose plan

Through cries and fights and reconciliation at night,
or in the morning or first thing before we…


Time is a tight place

Photography was taken by Lennie Varvarides, Dec 2020

This is not enough
This is not enough
This is not enough

They call this the mid
Middle-ages in midlife crisis
Silently crying out towards
the window or the wind
Without sympathy to soften
The roar or blow of a second chance
To kiss the feet of fierce Αιολος*
As you beg him to defend your voyage
Or hold court to seek his pardon.

Hoping to make good
On yet another plan
To save a shipwrecked life
From the greed of quicksand
Or dig out the loose ends
From knots tied into excuses
Like the need for an excursion
Without a golden goose

Prose Poem chosen for further distribution 🙏🏼

How to be inspired and still do nothing

The photo was taken by Lennie Varvarides Dec 2020

The book was purchased months ago in a second-hand shop for under two pounds.

I remember we walked for hours that day, crossing North and walking South
desperate to see if we could spend the whole day on foot.

We stopped off where ever we pleased for substance, inspiration, rest and felt like middle-class folk with our carefree woes.

Our walking shoes were on, our minds were open and full of adventure, we welcomed the long hours spent.

You were patient as I stopped off to look around for old treasures and wait to feel quaint connections.

That was months…

poem with audio

Free Verse

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

We are lucky, you and I
more than we know right now
I always knew one day we might be.

Eyes wide open, eager for it all
to immerse, and it did.

We are lucky, you and I
more than we know right now.

We took, all that was on offer
and wondered, why more was not.

We are lucky, you and I
more than we know right now.

Bad or good, we were two greedy girls
wanting the world, as we still do.

We are lucky, you and I
more than we know right now.

Knowing too little, what…

Lennie Varvarides

London-based dyslexic creative working in development. Founder of DYSPLA

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