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Melissa Chronicles

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Prelude: The Nymph Chant sounds like a bird song at sunrise. A call to action. To prayer. To meditation. A ritual of sorts. A ritual for one. Every day Melissa finds a way out of the emptiness and into the fire. The burn is a reminder. It helps to ground her in the now. That mystical thing chased like a fox on a hunt. The Chant keeps her in the room. By the window. Her gaze travels inward at first and then drifts to the horizon with the same commitment. Wings out. Antenna up. Waiting to feel something. Desperate for…

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Have you ever considered running your own Writer's Residency?

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Making poets out of poverty

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Charles Dickens’ much-loved novels illustrate a Victorian world where poverty and poor literacy go hand in hand, and for many, not enough has changed in the last 120 years. Victorian England will still look familiar in 2022, with child poverty predicted to rise to 5.2 million hungry children in the United Kingdom. These figures were reported by the UK Government’s Social Mobility Commission.

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The WHY is an endless answer to an unresolved mystery. Are Dyslexics better writers? Are they more creative? Are they more determined?

An innovative street gallery experience embedded in a community of high deprivation in North London

The full text reads: POVERTY CAN AFFORD POETRY. This is the view of Gilbert Street in Enfield. Photography taken by Kazimir Bielecki 2021.

This mural displayed on the facade of the DYSPLA founders Lennie Varvarides and Kazimir Bielecki's home was created by local Neurodivergent artist Shay Press. It is the first mural of its kind to be funded by Arts Council England in the Turkey Street Ward of the borough of Enfield, an area of high deprivation where cultural development is void. DYSPLA is an award-winning disability lead London-based arts organization focusing on developing and producing the work of artists who identify as Neurodivergent.

Self Touch and Audio Poetry Moments

Photography by Kazimir Bielecki 2020

“Touch is exploratory. Imagine touch as exploration. A conversation you have with yourself. For most of us, our bodies are functional. Touch is mostly utilitarian. But what if touch can also be an artistic pursuit? Can we relate to our body from this new perspective? Is this something that can be explored through touch? Can this online touch workshop be the first step towards experimenting with touch as narrative?” Performative Text by Lennie Varvarides

Are you new to Medium and do not know how to get started?

Artwork by Shay Press, commissioned by DYSPLA, Photography by Kazimir Bielecki, 2021

Prompt Response

A free-verse love poem to the unborn loves

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Lennie Varvarides

London-based dyslexic creative working in development. Founder of DYSPLA, editor @ The Museum of the Neurodivergent-Aesthetic. Www.dyspla.com

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