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Have you ever considered running your own Writer's Residency?

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This post will explain the 12 basic steps to consider and act upon if you would like to run your own Writer Residency.

The steps include; Funding, Partnerships, Marketing, Promotion, Selection Process, Legal, Management, Development, Mentoring, Progress Reports, Public Sharing, and Evaluation. These are your building blocks and the same steps I follow to build the DYSPLA Storymakers Residency, which was established in London in 2018, funded by Arts Council England. …

prose poem with audio

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the rebellious dust fights with the pollen blown in through the open window; thinned by locals who refuse to drink quietly — why should they?

politics has done enough of that, crippled their voice for long enough, let there be an anthem breeze to set their mood - to dance out, what is to come

— glass smashed, sliced against the edges of prejudice as they smoke in front of their kids, sharing the same pint of poison without

discrimination in the open air, occupied with fume and cough and phlegm as they spit out all that is rotten and…

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Making poets out of poverty

DYSPLA Founder, Lennie Varvarides speaks on why poetry is urgently needed in areas of high deprivation

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Before you begin reading this post, let me say that I am not an Education Specialist — but I am an expert on how society and schools fail people with Learning Differences through the work I do at DYSPLA. I identify as Working Class and my 7-year-old child attends a school in an area of high deprivation. My Cypriot parents’ childhood, was also one of ‘absolute poverty’, so these themes are extremely important to me.

Charles Dickens’ much-loved novels illustrate a Victorian world where poverty and poor literacy go hand in hand, and for many, not enough has changed in the last 120 years. Victorian England will still look familiar in 2022, with child poverty predicted to rise to 5.2 million hungry children in the United Kingdom. These figures were reported by the UK Government’s Social Mobility Commission.

Being poor is still met with prejudice and disdain…

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…I hear you ask…, well, like; Agatha Christie, F. Scott Fitzgerald, W. B. Yeats, Jules Verne, John Irving, Richard Ford, George Bernard Shaw, Octavia Butler, Sally Gardner, Walter
Disney, Jeanne Betancourt, Patricia Polacco, Lynda La Plante, Victor Villasenor, Robert Benton, Steve Mcqueen, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Spike Lee to name just a few!

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The WHY is an endless answer to an unresolved mystery. Are Dyslexics better writers? Are they more creative? Are they more determined?

This post won’t completely answer any of those questions, but what it will do hopefully, is spark an interest in the value of being an “Outsider.”

Our world is made up of words and rules and laws and straight lines…

Prose Poem: twisted chronology

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Off land…through to 3:00 am…Facedown again…holding a cup or a chalice…walking around the gallery…sitting in a window seal…was it me or you looking out the window onto China Town?

Boots, new brown…with lace up the thigh…dropped down…looked up, there you were…dark skin crew cut stranger…no name, nor me…passed each other so we did on an anonymous street

To come and go…into…onto days made not to thought…not to last,… no ask for longer…not now…selfish, yes…selfish…I want more…more minutes in the car…time capsule small vacuum

Rain on Dekalb Ave…or was it a burst…fire…Blue dress…nipples, sweet nipples I wore without shame…bra off, gasp…breath…

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A DYSPLA project

Funded for a second year by Arts Council England and POET, (Protection of English Trust), DYSPLA is running its unique Storymakers Residency for Neurodivergent* Creatives in London.

DYSPLA​ is a London-based Art Studio run by Neurodivergent (ND) Creatives, for Neurodivergent Storymakers. We specialize in the creative and professional artistic development of Neurodivergent people, as well as producing the work of Dyslexic and Neurodivergent artists. …

Artwork by DYSPLA

DYSPLA has created a new publication on Medium called, The Museum of the Neurodivergent Aesthetic run by DYSPLA and edited by Lennie Varvarides and Naomi Folb.

This Pub is keen to exhibit the workings of the Neurodivergent* (ND) mind and curate the ND Aesthetic* (ND_A). As DYSPLA is an arts organization with a strong portfolio of Digital Art and Moving Image, we hope to make this Pub exciting visually and focus just as much on ‘text’ as an object as well as a ‘word’. Meaning, this is the publication where art and poetry can get along nicely.

We welcome people who see themselves as artists as well as writers, we want to celebrate the avant-garde and play with language and structure while keeping in line with…

Poetry Collage

Art project intended to build young poets

Photography by DYSPLA

These lines were curated together from individual stories and poems authored by children aged 7–11-year-old from London, as part of the, Words Not Walls project produced by DYSPLA. All the children in the group have varying levels of learning and/or emotional challenges.

The Queen won't share her wealth
and my brother is jealous of my water bottle
and my mother has forgotten how to love
and my sister won't eat her vegetables

The Mermaid wants her legs back
and the Unicorn has lost its power
the flower was plucked too soon
and the postman works on a crutch

Lennie Varvarides

Lennie Varvarides

London-based dyslexic creative working in development. Founder of DYSPLA

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